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This postcard appeared on an auction site and was interesting for 2 reasons, the postmark and the picture on the front. Junction Creek is situated 50 km east of Georgetown, and a few kilometers west of Mount Surprise in northern Queensland, and it was in flood in March 1910. It is close to the major Einasleigh River and may be a minor tributary of this river. Although it is listed in Campbell’s book on Queensland cancels, a barred numeral is not known for it. Cowan & Dell’s Queensland Datestamps states that it was a Receiving Office from 1883 until 1993 (the latter is a typo for 1893?) and a Post Office from 1907-1910.

There are two fine copies of JUNCTION CREEK/ 20 JUN O8/ QUEENSLAND with a large dot on either side, which is a Type 1 cancel, 25 mm in diameter, with a 3-letter month and a 2-figure year. This has not been recorded for this small and transient post office and it must be considered rare. It was posted to Tenterfield N.S.W. (Figure 1).

The pictorial side of the postcard is unexpected as it shows an Indian Police Officer, Fiji. It was printed in Fiji by Arthur Mills. Unfortunately it has been faded by sunlight (Figure 2).

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