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I am probably wrong, but I have the impression that Western Australia is a less common source of Tattersall’s covers and it is due to more than the lower population of that state in the early 1900's compared with that of the eastern states. This cover was sent from Fremantle W.A. on 6.30A 7 JA 07 and was addressed to the proprietor of the Ship Hotel, Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania. It had an unusually complete lilac Tattersall, Hobart label. The reverse was not seen (Figure 1).

David McNamara’s book "Catalogue and Handbook of Tattersall’s Covers (2006)" shows another Tattersall’s cover to the Proprietor, Ship Hotel, sent from Mathinna, Tasmania dated August 21, 1905, and he points out that the manuscript ‘T’ at the top left hand side of the cover identifies that the mail was intended for Tattersall (Figure 2).

In partial support of my suggestion, his list of State origins on page 152 shows Western Australia scores only 1 cover out of a total of 19 States origins, and South Australia is not represented (Figure 3).

On the same page McNamara states that the Ship Hotel was originally owned by J.C. Hadley. He traded it in 1883 to the Van Diemen’s Land Bank for Webb’s Family Hotel (to be renamed Hadley’s Orient Hotel). Most of the Ship Hotel was pulled down for a bank site, but the billiard rooms and pub were left standing, and they are still called the Ship Hotel to-day. George Adams bought the Ship Hotel, which was next door on Collins Street to his offices in the Adams Buildings. Francis A. J. (Frank) Hughes managed the hotel/pub for Adams. The names of the managers changed over time to Barrows, Reid, and Tinniswood.

A photo of the Ship Hotel at the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets, Hobart, is seen in Figure 4).

A description of The Ship Hotel is quite fulsome and the advert was found in Walch’s Almanac 1881, on page 47: "The best and most centrally situated Family and Commercial Hotel in Tasmania. Visitors from England, Foreign Countries, or the Neighbouring Colonies will find every comfort and convenience. Suites of Private Apartments with Piano in each. Public Drawing Room for Ladies. Commercial Room. Sample Room for Commercial Travellers. First-Class Billiard Saloon fitted with one of Messrs. Alcock’s Best Tables. Baths, etc. The cellars will be found replete with the Choicest Brands of Wines, Spirits, Ales, etc. Table D’Hote 1 P.M. Daily. Terms Moderate. Livery and Letting Stables in connection with the Hotel under the able management of Mr. H. Jeffreys. J.C. HADLEY, Proprietor (Figure 5).

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