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About Auspostal History

I have written more than 1,000 philatelic papers, at least a hundred of which have been published in Australian, USA, Canadian and Philippines philatelic journals. All papers have an Australian connection, a few of them have only a tenuous connection with Australia, for the covers were sent from Australia to interesting people &/or places, in other countries. I have increased the number of categories for the papers that appear at the left hand side of the home page, and the papers have been entered in one, two or at most three of the relevant categories. The vast majority of the covers are not owned by me, and the scans that appear are only as clear as those seen at the various auction sites. This website remains a work in progress.

A number of these papers give information about another country which may be of interest to specific readers.  In 2007 I had started to mention the other countries, such as CANADA,  at the end of the paper’s heading, but I have not persisted with this addiional feature.

I would appreciate feedback from readers, for I recognise that the addition of so many papers in the past 10 years, may have allowed typo inaccuracies and imperfections to creep in.  Occasionally a Figure may not show immediately or require that the reader should close the paper and re-enter it.

Daniel Jones, 2023