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This follows on from the original paper with the same Title of Australian Postal Curiosities. During World War 2, the Allies printed enormous amounts of propaganda, most of which was dropped over the Axis enemy lines. In addition, private individuals printed 'Patriotic labels' which could be placed on mailed covers.

I have in the past month seen 2 covers bearing such labels, and realised that in 70 years of collecting stamps and covers of Australia, I had never seen such examples on Australian mail. Both envelopes were sent to 2 different individuals. both living in the USA, but the example shown is different from the other in that there were 2 copies of a red boxed RETURN TO SENDER/ CONTENTS/ UNDELIVERABLE on the front of the cover, not shown.

The reverse showed 2 examples of these labels, and the addressor was the same for both covers. There were 2 red crayon 'X's, one on each side of the sender's name. I could not find tinformation about the sender, but there is a 'Cona Bed & Breakfast' listed at Port Fairy, Victoria to-day! This presumably 'offending' (to the postal department) propaganda was the cause for the RETURN TO SENDER notice. The reverse of this cover is seen in Figure 15. 

 No postage stamp adorns this Sydney 1894 cover which shows a stamp-size advertisment for Wolfe's Schnapps, The Purest Stimulant in the World (Figure 16). 

 This Nov. 27, 1917 illustrated double rate cover for W.J. Deane & Son, Sydney music publishers was sent to Boulder Colorado, USA with the blue two pence halfpenny 'Roo on map of Australia' stamp, and it was hand-stamped 'US CHARGE TO COLLECT 10 CENTS as well as a shield with T/ 50. Instead of postage Due stamps it had 2 green 5 cents US Parcel Post Postage Due stamps applied and it sold for AUD 1500 (Figure 17). 


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